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The Benefits of Personal Training in Martial Arts

When you explain to someone that you’re working with a personal trainer, the image they get is of you working out one-on-one with a traditional fitness instructor who specializes in weight lifting and cardio. With the increased popularity of the martial arts, however, more and more instructors are offering the personal training option.

You may want to consider personal training with a martial arts instructor for a number of reasons:

* Individualized attention – this is why many people like working one-on-one. For that hour, the trainer is focused on you and no one else!

* Accelerating progress – let’s say you’ve been training for a while and want to prepare for a belt test, improve a form or you’re kicking techniques. Spending a few hours with a personal trainer may give you the boost you need.

* Preparing for your black belt test – Black belt tests can be grueling. In addition to regular, dedicated training, the black belt test requires a great deal of preparation. A personal trainer can help you develop the endurance and skill you need to succeed on that day.

* Re-charging – Personal training is a sure fire way to fight the boredom that often sets into a daily exercise routine. A personal trainer can help you set new goals for the next phase of your martial arts career. Learning a new skill like adding some boxing techniques or a weapons form to your repertoire is a great way to refresh your workouts!

* Not a fan of group classes? Students come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. For some, the group class setting may be discouraging because of the pressure to keep up with others. Some students may also feel self-conscious about their weight or the fact that they may have gotten out of shape. Personal training is a great way to start off, get into shape and gain confidence.

* Tournament or fight preparation – For competitive martial artists, boxers, kickboxers, or mixed martial artists a personal trainer can help get you ready to step into the ring or cage! A plan of action is needed before the actual event, as well as lots of motivation and encouragement.

* Complete, full body fitness – In a private training session a martial arts trainer can focus on unique fitness routines and get you into the best shape of your life. Whether you prefer to be surprised and let your trainer keep you guessing or you have a particular group of exercises you favor, a fitness-oriented workout through the martial arts may be a better and more diverse workout then you can get at the gym! Strength, cardio, flexibility, balance, coordination, body unity, confidence, and well-being await you through a martial arts workout!

Whether it’s regularly scheduled sessions, periodic tune-ups, or jump-starts make one-on-one personal training part of your martial arts experience. You’ll be amazed with the results!