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Choose Your Cardio Wisely-Jump Rope, Burn Fat, Lose Weight Fast

I enjoy sharing the story of how I made my decision to devote myself to using Jumprope as my chosen cardio workout for a lifetime.

It was early in my professional dance career (early 70s) and right about the time that Dr. Kenneth Cooper had coined the term “aerobics” and came out with his book on the Aerobic Points System. At the Cooper Institute, he had conducted exercise studies to determine a point value for each commonly known exercise activity that could be performed for a duration of 12 minutes straight. It was his determination that 12 minutes would be the minimum duration to benefit cardiovascular improvement.

At the time, weight loss was not so much a concern, but cardio conditioning for my dance career was. So, I immediately turned to the table of point values to determine what exercise would give me the most cardio “bang for my buck”.

You guessed it.


Not only could I get the most efficient exercise in the least amount of time, but I could also enhance my coordination for dance performance. Not to mention the fun I have had and the money I have made over years of teaching Jumprope techniques and performing my freestyle exhibitions.

A wise choice early on has given me the ability to stick to cardio exercise for the FUN of it. The ability toburn fat and have fun doing it has continued to serve me well. At age 57, I continue to keep lean and enjoy jumping rope and teaching others at myboot camps.

Since I am more motivated by non-linear activities that give me movement creativity, this made Jumprope my best choice. Choose your cardio, wisely and make sure to factor in your personality type and needs.

Should you prefer to “disassociate” instead of “associate” with the cardio activity, then choose movements that can be put on “autopilot” while you watch TV…like a treadmill or other machine. Either way, you will get the exercise.