Motivation For Doing Cardio

Today I am going to talk about the importance of doing your cardio without getting bored. I have tried doing my cardio for an hour without any kind of music, and time drag and my cardio was not as effective. When cd players were out, you can only get 17-18 songs on a disk and it was a pain to change the cd during your workout, so the best thing to come out was the iPod.

My iPod holds 1000 songs and there is no changing disk or carrying around a big cd player. It’s very small and you can categorize your workout songs. They have an iPod arm band so your hands stay free!

With that being said, working out with having music at your disposal is one thing, but what kind of music should you listen to that will help you stay motivated? Well this is what I listen to and we all have our preference’s. I like to float back and forth between dance, rock, and hip hop. I mix newer music in with old. Having new music and going back and forth between dance, rock, and hip hop keeps things fresh, because listening to the same thing gets old and boring. I don’t recommend slow songs, jazz, easy listening, or anything light, because it brings you energy levels are down and you don’t get much of a cardio workout as you would with up tempo music. However, we all have our preferences and if you feel that lighter music will give you a better cardio workout, than by all means knock yourself out.