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Do You Really Need Weights For Strength Fitness Training?

When people think of strength fitness training, they immediately think of men with a lot of muscles lifting bars with many weight plates. These men with bulging muscles and veins are nowhere near common person want to be. Many people do not look at strength fitness training to win neither bodybuilding championships nor want to win strong man competitions or lift cars, but just want to get into shape. They look for little muscle so that they fit right into their cloths and look attractive to opposite sex which is no sin. In order to fitness train correctly, lifting heavy weights is not required.

Body Weight Exercises

Fact is one can get great body strength fitness training workout by using own body weight. By doing certain workouts, we can build great muscle base and frame and can feel great about self which will impress those we try to attract. What are the exercises and how to do them? Firstly, we need to learn about how body muscles work in the body, and how to work them out. Then, design a simple strength fitness training program that can be done three times a week that will turn many heads while you walk down the street.

Some examples of body weight exercises include push-ups between chairs, push-ups, feet elevated push-ups, calf raises, squats, seated calf raises, trice push-ups, pull ups, and more. They are easy to do and can be completed in thirty minutes. However, it should not be stopped there if ultimate physique is required.

Do Not Forget Cardio

A cardio exercise should be included with any strength fitness training program. Cardio exercises, such as running, swimming, and walking are great workouts which people of all ages can do. Cardio not only helps gain more muscles and get into better shape, but also helps shed excess body fat. This makes the muscles appear bigger and fuller. Whether getting trained purely just for strength or to just look better, anyone can get great workout by using body weight. Remember to eat properly or else all hard work will be of no use.