Get Fit With the Best Bodyweight Workouts

The best bodyweight workouts can not only get you in the best shape of your life, but they can save you time and money, as well. I don’t know about you, but spending two hours in the gym every day is not my idea of life. Yet, being in shape is really, really important for me.

I realized a year or so ago that the old tried and true weight one day, cardio the next routine just wasn’t cutting it. I was in shape, sure, but I was spending way too much time in the gym, and in order to take my fitness to the next level, I was making myself really tired. It was about this time that I discovered what the best bodyweight workouts can do for you.

With bodyweight workouts I cut my time exercising down to thirty minutes or less. I got more accomplished; I was in getter shape; and I dropped my gym membership. With these best bodyweight workouts I could do all my exercising at home.

You can’t imagine the time and money this saved me. Best of all, I was in the best shape I had been in since college.

My new routines were created out of basically two building blocks, and if you want to find the best bodyweight workouts, this is the kind of thing you need to be looking at.


Instead of running on the treadmill for thirty minutes to an hour, I started doing what are called Tabatas. This is actually not a type of exercise, but a “protocol”, which means a way of doing certain exercises. I always include Tabatas in my list of best bodyweight workouts because they focus on aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and they can get you into the best shape of your life.

Bodyweight Strength Exercises

Instead of spending an hour or more pumping iron, I started focusing on the basic bodyweight movements, push ups, sit ups, and especially pull ups. These movements for the core of, say, a gymnastics program. If you’ve every looked at Olympic level gymnastics, you can see that pound for pound, these guys are probably the strongest athletes on the planet. Yet, they don’t life weights. So, as I did research on this, I decided that these three exercises should be part of any best bodyweight workouts program.