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Organic Recipes – Chicken Marsala Quick Dinner

Quick Organic Recipes have become a fad especially for people who want to eat healthy but do not have the luxury of time to prepare complicated and time consuming meals. Quick organic recipes have the best of both worlds. They present healthy dishes that only use organic ingredients and healthier methods of preparation and cooking. These dishes also only need a few minutes to be ready. This is why these recipes have become a sensation especially in this fast paced world where everyone is busy and has so many things to do. Organic eating has taken its own niche in the online exchange sector. Each day hundreds of people go online to search and trade for new recipes that can grace their table with a new dish.

The Chicken Marsala Quick Dinner is a healthy dish using herb chicken, Marsala wine, and mushroom sauce. It is also very delicious and mouth watering at the same time. For the main ingredient you must pound chicken breast halves to quarter inches in thickness. The bones and skin should have also been removed beforehand. Also ready half a cup of Marsala wine and one cup of sliced Crimini mushrooms. For the rest of the ingredients prepare half a teaspoon each of sea salt and dried oregano. A quarter cup each of all purpose flour and ground black pepper along with four tablespoons each of butter and extra virgin olive oil will also be required. You will also need two tablespoons of fresh oregano and a quarter cup of cooking sherry.

Combine the flour with the sea salt, ground black pepper, and dried oregano. Mix thoroughly to form a mixture. Not get the chicken halves and coat them in the mixture. Then prepare a large skillet by heating it over medium setting and melting butter in oil. Next place the coated chicken and the skillet and cook until brown. Remember to turn them over to evenly cook all sides. Put in the Crimini mushrooms as well as the Marsala wine and the cooking sherry. Cover the skillet and simmer for five minutes. Then remove cover, turn the chicken, and simmer for another five minutes. The dish is best served together with egg noodles or rice on sizzling plates. Place one chicken half on each plate and pour in the mushroom sauce and sprinkle with fresh oregano for the finishing touch. Serve immediately as the flavor is in its peak while the dish is hot.