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Women’s Health – How to Lower Your Cholesterol With a Proper Diet

Health is something that you cannot ignore at any cost. Especially when it comes to a woman, one must be very much health conscious. Modern world sees most women becoming an integral part of the professional world. At the same time, they do not overlook the role of managing their home and family. Such a stressful life does not allow them to give proper attention to their health.

If you are over 20 years of age, then you should definitely be conscious about your cholesterol level. It is absolutely important to keep a control over it, as negligence may cause serious heart diseases. You can reduce the level by keeping an eye on your regular diet.

Source of cholesterol

Cholesterol is produced by liver and then is transmitted to the body. If liver exceeds the amount required, then it commences to stick to artery walls that lead to cardiovascular diseases. High cholesterol level can also cause mental impairment, high blood pressure and gallstone.

Impact of limiting trans-fats & saturated fats

Recent studies indicate that you can reduce the cholesterol level from 10% to 20 % just by changing your diet. Diet, which is recommended to lower down the cholesterol level of the body, should contain minimum trans-fats and saturated fats:

-Cut down the intake of margarine in your diet. It increases Cholesterol heavily.

-Try to reduce the intake of refined and processed foods. You can find out a heavy amount of hydrogenated fats as well as trans-fats in these foods. In fact, these fats are very much dangerous than any other types.

-Fish oil is another good option to ensure that your body is maintaining an average cholesterol level. At the same time, it reduces the bad cholesterol present in the body.

-Try to replace the meat and egg with dry peas and beans. They are rich in fiber and very low in cholesterol.

Maintaining a proper diet is imperative for optimum level

Withdrawing cholesterol rising food items is just not enough for getting the optimum level. You need to maintain a balance, so that you can receive required amount of Cholesterol that helps in building membranes and producing hormones. To sustain the cholesterol level, you need to take some essential elements as well. Your body should not be deficient in necessary fatty acids:

-Take a tablespoon of organic flax seed oil every day that supplies Omega 3 fatty acids.

-Try to use only extra virgin olive oil. Do not use ordinary virgin olive oil, as it is not effective.

-Augment the use of garlic while you are cooking. For this, you can put the garlic paste in various dishes that would not only increase the taste, but it would lower your Cholesterol as well.

-Again, you can opt for genuine Cholesterol lowering supplement. The natural genuine Cholesterol lowering supplement has no side effects and you can take it after consulting your dietician.

Your health is in your hand. It is totally up to you to keep yourself healthy and fit. So, give attention to certain food habits, maintain proper cholesterol level and you’ll surely get rid of the health-related issues.