6 Benefits From Kettlebell Workouts

Everyone is really interested in training with kettlebells these days. What are some of the benefits you’ll receive from incorporating them into your workouts? They are numerous, depending on your goals. But generally speaking, kettlebell users notice an increase in the following six areas:

· Increased stamina. Many kettlebell users experience an increase in endurance when doing activities like sports. There have even been reports of kettlebell users who have run marathons without training for marathons but by only using kettlebells!

· Increased overall daily energy and increased youthful vigor. Feeling good is very important to having a productive life. Kettlebell users from all over the world report having increased energy and even feel like they can reverse the hands of time, often fixing injuries that have nagged them for years. This allows them to participate in activities they had stopped doing because of the injuries.

· A decrease in body fat. Kettlebell exercises can be very demanding from an energy standpoint. Some exercises like the swing and the snatch burn up to twice as many calories per minute than traditional aerobic activities like spinning and newer activities such as kickboxing. One of the side effects of this is that kettlebell training forces your body to burn calories – the “afterburn effect,” long after your exercise session is over.

· The development of lean, hard, “bulk-free” muscles. Let’s face it the only people who want big muscles are bodybuilders and teenage boys. The rest of us will settle for some nice definition in our muscles without stretching out our clothes and having our legs or armpits chafe. Exercising with kettlebells has produced the following noticeable effects – those who are overweight, lean out; those who are skinny, put on just the right amount of muscle in the right places.

· Increased flexibility without spending time stretching. One of the wonderful “side effects” of using kettlebells is what appears to be automatic increases in flexibility. That’s because this style of workout strengthens weak muscle groups while simultaneously loosening (and strengthening) tight muscle groups, restoring the body’s default settings for flexibility, alignment, and muscle harmony.

· More time to do the things you love and less time working out. That pretty much sums it all up in my mind. Why work out when you don’t have to? What if you could work out and get twice the results in half the time? Kettlebells provide the very real option to see this occur in your life.