Bodyweight Training – The Favored Training Method of Smart Body Builders

People who feel that a superb body can be achieved only by getting actively involved in a grueling gym schedule on a regular basis, can now take a look at bodyweight training exercises for a change! Yes, the same brilliant body shaping result that gym exercises offer you can now be accomplished from the comforts of your home. This is a machine-free mode of training which turns your body into your gym and guides it to provide the resistance and strength needed to make your exercises as effective as gym workouts.

Bodyweight training is the favored training method for many hard core body builders simply because of the conveniences and grand results that it offers in its most basic form. Anyplace – your home, office cubicle or rest room – can be the perfect place for bodyweight training exercises. Since it involves no equipments, it is also the cheapest and the most affordable method of working out. Because of its back-to-basics exercises, trainers always recommend this pattern of training to beginners who are starting fresh on body building schedules. Although intense and advanced exercises are a part of advanced bodyweight training, newcomers can start with the most simple squats and push-ups before progressing to advanced levels. Bodyweight exercises are a real fun way to blend different modes of training targeting different body zones, ultimately aiming to reach a total body strengthening workout result. A variety of bodyweight exercises are available for adoption like the handstand push-up, pull-up, inverted row, squat, split, calf raise, burpees, Mountain climbers and Boot Strappers. Any bodyweight training session can be the most effective when the best combination of exercises are ideally customized and combined as per individual comfort level, capacity and requirements. To tone the body from multiple dimensions must ideally be the primary goal for every trainer.

A bodyweight training schedule is the preferred choice of body builders worldwide as it is perfectly effective to spare you two hours of exhausting gym schedule everyday and can still produce the best results when muscle building or fat burning is targeted. The workout regimen must be gradually built up in intensity and can be modified to fit the training pattern of newcomers, sedentary lifestyle people, active body building trainees, and advanced exercisers.

The initial bodyweight training phase concentrates on building up muscle endurance in the abs, lower back and upper body through general bodyweight low scale exercises which focus on strength training and body conditioning. In the next phase, bodyweight circuits are performed which can make you do some high calorie burning workouts of short time bouts. As your body gets stronger, the following phases target to build more muscle strength through advanced exercise plans. Since bodyweight training sessions are targeted to condition the whole body in parts and as a comprehensive whole, some advanced lower body strength building exercises are incorporated into the training regimen along with upper body conditioning exercises. These exercises may be without machines but be ready to get amazed at the difficulty levels of the single leg exercises of the lower body and the pushes and pulls that accompany it. Strength training and circuit conditioning work hand in hand in all phases of bodyweight training to bring you a leaner, stronger and powerful physique that is the dream of every body builder.

Do remember that guided bodyweight training is always better and is guaranteed to yield the desired results in the shortest possible time. Browse the net for the perfect training schedule that comes with the right amount of exercise information, videos and nutritional advice, so that you reach your body building and toning goal in the shortest possible time.