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Three Stages of Pregnancy and Healthful Preparations

One of the wonderful things a woman experiences is conceiving a child in her womb. Getting pregnant is a blessing to many people. However, despite the wonderful feeling of expecting a baby, pregnant women are faced with realistic discomforts also.

Being pregnant is a very critical stage. It concerns both the health of the mother and the baby. Pregnant woman should know the basic pregnancy health tips to be able to properly take care of her body, and the baby as well. And to be able to take care of their bodies well, pregnant women must be aware of the three delicate stages of pregnancy.

It takes nine months before a pregnant woman gives birth. The first three months is called the first trimester. The second three months is called the second trimester. And the last remaining months is called the third trimester.

In the first trimester, some mothers will experience morning sickness in the early stages. Some women experience vomiting or nausea. These are normal symptoms that will soon pass in the succeeding months. To lessen vomiting, some women opt to eat less during meals. Although this helps, it is also important to note that she must eat not only to feed herself but also the baby.

Some expecting women also experience frequent urination. Others experience fatigue and gets tired easily. They need longer time to rest and relax. All these discomforts may sometimes cause the mood swings. Thus, pregnant women are easily irritable.

It is very important for women in the early stages of pregnancy to have a balanced diet supervised by doctors.

The middle or second trimester of pregnancy is the stage where the baby’s growth is more felt. The belly becomes more visible as it begins to bulge. Women at this stage can already feel some movements from the baby.

Some mothers are stressed easily in this stage. The growing belly drastically changes a woman’s appearance, sometimes resulting with unsightly stretch marks. For some it causes insecurity with their physical looks. Others take it lightly, as a normal occurrence in pregnancy.

This is also the stage where pregnant woman experience constipation, indigestion and heartburn. As this is a crucial stage, women should be very diligent in visiting their doctors for regular checkups.

The final stage of pregnancy is the last three months. In this stage, a mother may experience a decrease in their appetite. The best solution for this is to have small snacks every 3 to 4 hours.

Some complications may arise in this final stage. Some women experience hypertension that can lead to high blood pressure. A large belly can bring utter discomfort in bed, making it quite difficult for women to sleep.

It is also in the third trimester that a woman feels the most discomfort. Her large belly makes it hard for her to move around and do things on her own. It is also very hard to sleep at night.

Pregnancy is very risky for women. But the joy of having a baby is priceless. Remember that pregnant women should still exercise also. And throughout the pregnancy, they should take care of themselves very well and visit their doctors regularly to ensure a safe pregnancy all the way.