Enjoy Delicious and Healthy Snacks With Vegan Tofu Salads

The vegan tofu salad is probably as if a gift sent from heaven to all those who are health conscious and vegetarians. It is a good way to enjoy something so good without having to worry about calorie content and the like. The salad is made up of very healthy and nutritious ingredients that you would surely want them to be a part of your every meal and snack.

From its name, the vegan tofu salad is made up mostly of tofu. Tofu or bean curd comes up when soy milk is coagulated. The curds are then pressed together and made into tofu.

Tofu has been reported to have many health benefits so you would definitely want to know how to make your own vegan tofu salad. According to health experts, tofu has high protein content and has very little fat content. The Food and Drug Administration has mentioned that when a person takes in at least 25 grams of soy protein each day and accompanied with a low saturated fat and cholesterol diet, it can greatly reduce risks of having heart diseases.

To make the salad, you can use various recipes. They usually vary when it comes to the ingredients that are placed in but, of course, tofu is always present in the recipe.

One recipe on vegan tofu salad you can use, for example just requires you to mash up its ingredients right away. This would include a tablespoon of brown mustard, specifically one that is spicy, two tablespoons of chopped pickles, a tablespoon diced red onion, some salt, pepper and cumin and two tablespoons of veganaisse. Once you have mixed and you have mashed all the ingredients for your salad, you can place them on top of toasted bread and place a slice or two of tomatoes. Now, you can enjoy a healthy sandwich with your salad!

Another variation to the vegan tofu salad is to mash mayonnaise (as mentioned in the earlier recipe, a veganaisse version may be preferred for vegetarians), sweet relish, stalk celery, lemon juice, onion and garlic powder and mustard. Just the same as the earlier mentioned recipe, all ingredients are mixed together. You can also garnish the vegan tofu salad with paprika, if you wish. You can make it a part of your healthy sandwich snack and you can top it with other vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes, too.

No matter how you want to enjoy your vegan tofu salad, you can always be assured that you stay healthy and fit with your snacks. No meat is included in the recipe for the salad, so you do not have something to stay away from it. Instead, you can enjoy many slices of your sandwich that has the vegan tofu salad so that you can enjoy all the health benefits brought about by its ingredients, especially tofu.

You can also have other variations of the vegan tofu salad – your creativity is the limit!