Getting Started With Stretching

In our fast-paced society it can be difficult for anyone to find time for exercise. This is such a shame since exercise has so many wonderful benefits. It gives you energy, it reduces health problems, it helps you lose unnecessary fat, and it relieves stress. The trick is finding a way to put exercise in your daily routine without you having to completely rearrange your schedule to fit it in. To do this you could get away with just doing some basic stretching throughout your day or find a ten minute break to fit it in. By adding stretching into your daily routine, you can get many of the benefits of exercise. Stretching for only ten minutes a day may not help you lose weight, but it will relieve stress, reduce back pain and body aching, help reduce health problems, help your mood improve, and provide you with a boost of energy.

The best time to begin your stretching is first thing in the morning. If you can get up ten minutes earlier than normal just to do stretching you will reap more benefits. Pick a place in your home where you can do the stretching. If you have a spot close to your bed that will work, this will make it easy to crawl out of bed and begin. Come up with a little stretching routine to do everyday that involves stretching your arms, legs, back, and neck. By having this time in the morning to do some stretching, you will find that you get more energy in the morning and are able to get going faster and with a more positive outlook on the day.

No matter what your job is, it is important that you try to stop once an hour for a couple of minutes to stretch out your body. You may be able to come up with some stretches that you can even do from a sitting position if you spend much of your time in meetings or lectures. When you first come up with some stretching exercises to do, be sure that you aren’t causing any pain to your body. If you feel pain, you are either stretching too far or are doing it incorrectly. You should be stretching just far enough to feel a little pulling on your muscles. Over time you will find it easier to stretch a little farther as your body will become more flexible. Just remember that stretching is something that is beneficial for your body and mind. Because it takes so little time to do, you needn’t feel guilty for giving this time to yourself.