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The Benefits of a Live-in Personal Trainer

The hustle and bustle of New York City can make it necessary for many people to need additional services throughout the day that aren’t normally used by those people who live in a suburban environment.  It may be something as simple as sending out your laundry instead of doing it yourself, or it could be something for affluent family such as having a driver to take the kids to school to avoid the stress and expense of finding taxis, parking, or getting parking tickets.  The service industry has created business opportunities that cross over all socio-economic boundaries.  New York City has a booming personal training community  However, one service for the most health conscious New Yorker with the means to afford it, that signals the ultimate in luxury is slowly taking hold in New York City.  That is the hiring of New York City personal trainers to live in the home.

The first benefit of having the 24/7 services of a personal trainer is from a nutritional standpoint.  Many nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts would argue that nutrition is 80% of a healthy lifestyle.  Not only will a live-in trainer be able to go through your cabinets and refrigerator, but they will also get to understand your habits, tendencies, and triggers.  They can see when you reach for snacks, the timing of your meals, and help you change behaviors to make better decisions then you had been making.  Lastly, they can be the bug in your ear when you go food shopping and are cooking dinner.  They will be like the angel on your shoulder.

After getting to know how you go about your day, a personal trainer New York City can help make little tweaks to your routine to incorporate more calorie burning opportunities.  For instance, if you work in an office building, you may be able to take the stairs to your floor.  You may also be able to take a short walk outside to go get lunch, too.  the commute to work creates additional chances, too.  You may try standing on the subway, rather than sitting.  Give up your seat to another person who needs it more than you. Wherever there are openings for standing or walking, make it happen.

Finally, the reason you hired a personal trainer New York City in the first place is the workout. This is the focal point of your time together.  Not only will the workouts be tailored to your needs and goals, but your trainer will understand when and where to best fit the workout into your day.  A live-in personal trainer will also be able to make last minute changes to your workout based on other events that have taken place or your energy level.  There also may be chances for multiple workout sessions on some days.  Live-in New York City personal trainers are on call twenty four hours a day.