Personal Training vs. Cross Fit

A lot of personal trainers offer Cross Fit, but what really is the difference? After all, isn’t that what personal training is all about anyway? The answer may surprise you. What most people don’t realize is that Cross Fit is a branded style of training and requires certification in order for a personal trainer to offer it. There are several differences between what will happen with a Cross Training session and a personal training session that incorporates Cross Fit.

The Cross Fit experience

Cross Fit is really almost a lifestyle and not an activity. It is a highly competitive environment, and high energy too. Personal trainers that are certified in Cross Fit follow a pattern of approach that is designed to help you surpass your immediate goals and grow them. It is a full out approach that encourages you to work past your physical limits. It may not be the best choice for those just getting back into condition.

Is it the best choice for you?

Some people really love the challenge and community of Cross Fit. Others find it too much for their liking. It is a purely personal choice. One you shouldn’t rule out before trying it. There are Cross Fit gyms that are a great way to try it out, or you can talk to a certified personal trainer about the system too.

The Cross Fit gym or a personal trainer?

The Cross Fit gym may not be the best way to safely get back into condition, but working out with apersonal trainer who can prepare you for Cross Fit may be. There are many New York City Personal Trainers who are certified in Cross Fit and other fitness methods. They can help you to build yourself up until you are ready to do the whole program. You may also find that you only want your Manhattan Personal Trainer to work with you using some of the elements, but as part of a program that has a different focus too.

How to find out which will work for you

The first thing you should do is read up more about Cross Fit and decide if it sounds intriguing. Then, locate a personal trainer with experience with the system and arrange for them to do a fitness test with you. That way they can assess your fitness level so both of you can create a plan. It may or may not include classes at a Cross Fit gym, but it will include everything you need to get into the shape you want to be in.