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Bodyweight Training – Great For Athletes and Regular Exercisers

Many athletes (as well as the casual exerciser), feel that they can get absolutely no benefit from bodyweight training. They feel it’s too easy for them. But i feel this is a big mistake because bodyweight exercises are essential for training athletes, as well as help exercisers of all skill levels burn fat, build strong…

Bodyweight Exercise Program For Fat Loss

I’ve been getting some great feedback on these Turbulence Training Bodyweight Workouts. To better help you guys, I’ll be putting together some weekly bodyweight-only programs you can do using TT Workouts. Lets start off with this week: Monday – Bodyweight 350 Start the week off with Craig Ballantyne’s Bodyweight 350 workout. This is one of…

Bodybuilding Workout Routines 2

Bodybuilding Workout Routines¬†–¬†Gaining mass is probably the most predominant goal among weight trainees. However, a very small percentage of current trainees are satisfied with their gaining schedule after their first 12 weeks into it. Why, because pretty much any training system will work for a novice lifter. To keep making gains, one must follow proper…