Your Body After 65 Years of Age

YOUR BODY after 65 Years of Age

Well if you have hit 65, you probably already have noticed changes in your body. It is almost inevitable that we will sag, wrinkle, creek and have skin issues.

HINT: Hairs may appear where and when you least expect them:

This is more of a male issue, but not totally. Out of nowhere 2-inch hairs stick out of your ears or eyebrows. Those hairs weren’t there yesterday, were they? It’s a mystery. So, pluck them out with tweezers, or cut them with little scissors, or get one of those little battery run hair trimmers that stick up into your nose or into your ears. But whatever you do, please trim them. It’s difficult to hold a conversation with someone when you are faced with a 2- or 3-inch hair protruding from someone’s nostril or eyebrow or nose.

HINT: Give permission to your spouse or someone close to give you the hair report:

It would be great if you had someone who could safely and nicely point out to you that you have an alien hair growing on your chin, or wherever. Try to find that person, and don’t be offended when they point it out.

HINT: Go to the Barber at least once a month if not more often:

Women are usually much better about grooming than men, especially when it comes to the hair on their head. Men do you realize how bad the back of your neck looks with all that curly grey hair on it? It is not sexy or appealing in any way. If you can’t get your spouse to give the back of your neck a quick shave once a week, it is going to start looking nasty soon.

HINT: Men really need to shave Daily:

Even if you are retired, unless you are a mountain man, or on an extended camping trip with your buddies, please shave daily. It is not attractive to see that stubble, and it will give you something to do each day. (It even makes your face more kissable.)

HINT: Brown spots, growths, and skin tags appear magically:

If you escape spots and growths and skin tags, then I hope you are grateful. Your Dermatologist will usually remove skin tags, or you can go to YOUTUBE and see different ways to do it at home. But if you get brown spots and crusty growths, common for people of some cultures, you will have to live with them or see a plastic surgeon. Some beauty products are available to bleach out some brown spots, but you could spend a king’s fortune on creams and potions to remove wrinkles and spots and not see much change. There are some products that have helped people with brown spots, but I would suggest seeing a cosmetologist for a consultation.
A good dermatologist is worth his/her weight in gold. Not only can they keep your skin cancer free, but they can offer advice about skin issues you may have, and the dermatologist may lead you to some helpful solutions. As we age, most of us could benefit by going to a dermatologist at least once a year, but I suggest twice.

HINT: We all wrinkle:

It is difficult looking into the mirror and seeing your mom’s or grandmother’s face looking back at you. Your wrinkles don’t have to define you. You could spend a great deal of money going through plastic surgery to have a youthful-looking face, but sadly most of us can see that you “had some work done.” If it makes you feel better about yourself, and you can afford it, then do it. If not, live with your wrinkles with class. You earned them, but don’t wear them as a badge of honor. Let people see your heart and your loving personality clearer than your wrinkles.

HINT: Get prepared for some sagging:

Most people can’t escape the sagging underarms, the sagging breasts, and rear-end that happens as we age. You can stay fit, and it may help you some, but a little pouch above the belt or below the belt also develops for most people. Weight changes may have some effect on sagging and pouches, but this is a very, very common phenomenon for people as they age no matter what their weight.