Bodyweight Workouts Fit in With Bodybuilding

A true bodybuilder can find bodyweight workouts to fit into a regular weight lifting regime and provide a pleasant alternate to gym work. Not so long ago, the strongest athletes came from the farms and ranches across the country because they had to do hard physical work. Although they didn’t have planned bodyweight workouts, everyday chores kept them in shape and added bulk to their physique.

Atmosphere for Exercise

Hanging around a sweaty gym is a pretty standard way for most people to get their exercise and build muscle, but there’s a lot that can be said for some variety and a more pleasant setting. It isn’t convenient for everyone to find a great outdoor area to exercise, which allows fresh air and aesthetic surroundings, but on occasion it’s a good treat.

For those fortunate enough to locate alternative places for exercise, bodyweight workouts fit the bill because they utilize whatever is available to aid in the program. If a location is indoors, various pieces of furniture can be incorporated in the workouts, and if the location is outside even trees, rocks, and other items can be of assistance in the program.

Being Prepared

You can’t carry a gym around with you, but you can keep a few items in the trunk of your car that will aid you in bodyweight workouts. Ankle weights are great for any exercise that requires the use of your legs. Leg lifts are good by themselves, but with added weight they are much more productive. Hiking, walking, and jogging with ankle weights greatly increases the resistance and adds to the results.

Dumbbells and other small weights add enough difficulty to bodyweight workouts to make a real difference in a program. The use of a weighted vest improves many of the moves in your workouts. As long as small objects are used for your exercise assistance, you can carry your gym with you almost everywhere you go so you are prepared no matter where you might be.

Incorporating Exercises

Even though bodyweight workouts can be adlibbed, developing a plan to move smoothly from one exercise to another saves time and achieves better results. In weightlifting, reps are usually followed by a brief rest before continuing, whereas in bodyweight workouts, continuation is sometimes better based on the types of exercises that are employed.

A good plan with bodyweight workouts is to perform an exercise from thirty seconds to up to two minutes and move quickly to another. The degree of difficulty can change from one movement to the next, but continually moving is the key. The length of a set of exercises is entirely dependent upon the individual.

Structured Programs

Even though you want to have flexibility in your bodybuilding regime to keep it interesting, you still must maintain a plan that applies the work needed in every muscle for the best results. If incorporating bodyweight workouts into your regular weight lifting program, be sure that you use the same structure to address each muscle in a similar ratio of time applied. Gym and bodyweight work should be a matching set working hand in hand to meet your goals.