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Discover How To Start Cardio Exercises For A Complete Newbie

Now there are many fitness routines available out there on the internet, books, television and many more. To be honest you can and will get totally swamped by information overload. So if you want to start some cardio exercises from the bottom up, read on.

One of the big benefits of cardio exercises is if you want to lose weight and also increase your overall stamina. Cardio exercises are the ones that will train your heart and cardiovascular system to work at an optimum level even if your body is put under stress of a physical type. One of the big problems many face though is that if your cardio exercise is not performed correctly it can cause you to burnout or even injury. So what is the best approach?

If you have never done cardiovascular exercises ever before then please do not try to overdo it all at once, it is very important that you build up gradually. Remember after all you are training your heart here. It is prudent to consult your doctor or a qualified personal trainer who can give you good guidance on where your starting point should be. Your doctor can inform you of what your heart rate should be.

Start of slowly and build from there. If you have done a workout for fifteen minutes and you feel absolutely exhausted, then stop. Try not to force your body into working beyond its capabilities as it is not built up to that level yet. By warming up correctly, over time your body will become accustomed to the regular training you have embarked upon. Try a small increase every week in your efforts at first, once you are confident and feel like it is benefiting you, you can always increase the pace more.

After you have finished your exhausting cardio workout, do not forget to cool down. Your heart has had a huge burst of activity, so it is imperative that you cool down as this is effectively slowing your heart down. Just slowly decrease the intensity of your workout at the end. You need to make sure heart can adjust sufficiently in different conditions. It is also good to stretch once you have cooled down, it is never good to wake up the next day feeling stiff all over.

Remember by practicing the above stages of a cardio workout you will have a safe and rewarding regime, but don’t think you have to go to the local gym to accomplish this. You can purchase yourself an exercise bike or treadmill as they are rather affordable these days, or even go for a run. However you decide to train just make sure that you do it with the proper steps involved.