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Kettlebell Exercises – The Future of Fitness Training

Kettlebell exercises have been around for many generations but are now becoming more popular as people realize the effectiveness of this style of training. You may have even seen kettlebell weights at your gym and wondered if they are a good way to train. The answer is a definite YES.

Many athletes are starting to use kettlebells in their routines because of the results they bring for strength and conditioning. People training for many different goals use kettlebells including: weightlifters, martial artists, wrestlers and general strength trainers. These goals aren’t modest either since many MMA fighters, Olympic athletes and other professional athletes use kettlebells to improve their conditioning. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to be a professional athlete to get the benefits of kettlebell training. Anyone from any level of fitness can safely train with kettlebells and get amazing results.

Kettlebell exercises are pretty unique when you compare them to other forms of exercises such as barbell training, dumbbell training, or calisthenics. Due to the unique ways kettlebell training trigger muscles is what make them so effective for gaining strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. First, kettlebell lifting forces a trainer to use multiple muscle groups at once during the movements which stimulates the body as a whole. This stimulation fatigues the muscles quickly which gives an intense all around workout. The use of a total body lift during work outs also trains the muscles to work together efficiently. This translates to more functional strength and balance for a kettlebell trainer. Isolation exercises increases strength in certain target muscles but this may not translate well to real world movements because lifting something other than a traditional dumbbell or barbell requires a lot of balance, stabilizer muscles and muscle groups working together simultaneously. By working on stabilizer muscles, core muscles and balance, you also reduce the chance of injury since your body is conditioned properly with more robust all around strength.

When you begin your journey with kettlebell exercises, start with basic movements and focus on technique. Failure with kettlebell training is not when you can’t lift anymore; it’s when your technique starts to get sloppy. Always keep this in mind as it will prevent injuries and also ensure that you are targeting the correct muscle groups with correct form. You should be patient with kettlebell training because you will be performing movements that may be unfamiliar and can feel awkward at first. Of course, the unique movements are why kettlebells give so many benefits. If you are patient and thorough with your training, you will see results that transform you into a stronger and more efficient athlete.

You can also customize your workouts and diet so that you either lose fat or gain muscle as you train with kettlebells. They are a powerful tool to modify your body composition whichever way you choose. These intense exercises work your body as a whole and require a great deal of effort so you’re sure to see an improvement in the integrity of your body as you progress with your kettlebell exercises.

I’m a fitness enthusiast who trains primarily with kettlebells. After spending some time doing kettlebell exercises, I noticed a huge change in my balance, strength and endurance so I want to spread the word on this unique form of training and get more people involved with kettlebell training.