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What is Your Dieting Motivation?

Is losing weight is what you want to do? What is your dieting motivation? If you are really interested in losing weight, you need to know your dieting motivation. Do you really want to lose weight only because you think you are fat? Or is there anything else to it? Do you want to lose weight because you are interested in attracting the other sex? There are a thousand reasons and people try to lose weight all the time. Dieting motivation is different for every one. For some it is important that they maintain the figure and physique they have built with such effort. For others the basic target is to look appealing to the opposite sex. In fact the dieting motivation could be really different for all of these people. Every one has his or her own idea of motivation.

For some people the dieting motivation is only their own esteems. People think about themselves in different ways. Some of the people are really worried about their outlook and they are concerned about the way they look and the way people find them to be. It is important to them. To others, it is different. They are not that worried about them. So for these people dieting motivation may not be their own self esteem. Keeping these points in view it becomes clear that in fact the dieting motivation is not only dependent on one’s own ideas but also on his or her physical condition. If a person is too fat, he or she may think of dieting to get rid of extra pounds. If a person is not well, and needs to reduce fat, dieting is the optimum solution. So in any case, people find reasons of dieting for themselves. Everyone has different motivation.

The first thing you need to think about if you want to lose weight is that why you want to. The way you should go for it will be different in accordance to the answer to this question. If you are worried about your personality and figure, it is different. If you have some heart trouble and need to lose weight than it will be different. Thus keeping all these factors in mind we can conclude that the dieting motivation in fact is dependent on your own idea of your self and your requirement of losing weight.