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Try These Two Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

same breakfast recipes over and over again? Are you looking to lose weight and get in shape? If so these two healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss may be just what you need. These two healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss will add a bit of variety to your meals and best of all they’re both delicious. The recipes are for two completely different types of pancakes; both are equally delicious and are a great way to mix up your first meal of the day.

1. Breakfast Courgette Pancakes

Serves 1


• 1 medium size courgette

• 1 medium size spring onion

• 1 large egg

• Salt to taste

• Pepper to taste

• 2 tablespoons coconut oil for frying


1. Grate courgette into a small bowl.

2. Finely chop 1 spring onion and mix with the courgette.

3. Combine 1 large egg into the bowl and mix thoroughly adding salt and pepper to taste.

4. Heat oil in frying pan and spoon 3 mounds of the courgette mixture into the pan and fry until lightly browned, pressing down to flatten. Flip pancake till browned on both sides

2. Almond Pancakes

Serves 1-2


• 1 cup almond flour

• 2 eggs

• 3-4 tbsp of coconut milk

• 1 vanilla pod, split and scraped seeds out

• 1 tbsp of ground cinnamon

• Coconut oil


1. Mix eggs, coconut and vanilla in a bowl and whisk together.

2. Sift in almond flour and cinnamon.

3. Heat a large pan over a medium heat; add a tsp of coconut oil to the pan and add pancake batter in small rounds, quickly turning the pan around to spread the pancake.

3. Cook until brown on the underside, about 45 seconds and then flip to brown other side

As you can see these two healthy breakfast recipes for weight loss are very easy to make and trust me they are very tasty too. These are especially good if you are sick and tired of eating boring cereals the whole time. Even if you eat regular pancakes often, these are a nice twist on an old breakfast favourite. Remember: regardless of what time you have your first meal, starting your day off on the right foot will set you up nicely for the rest of the day. Go ahead, try out these two recipes and I would love to hear if you enjoyed them.