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Leg Strength Exercises – 7 Exercises For Adding Massive Muscle

When I first started out training in the gym I spent most of my time on my upper body. Like most people I thought that was all that mattered.

Soon after I realized my mistake. In focusing solely on my upper body, I was creating a very disproportionate body. I knew then, that I had to start working out my legs.

Now I regard my legs as my finest feature.

In this article I am going to teach you 7 little known exercises for creating legs packed with solid muscle.

The first 2 exercises are also my favorite. They also happen to be the most devastatingly effective exercises that you can possibly perform in the gym. In fact every top bodybuilder in the world swears by them.

The squat and the dead lift.

You don’t often see people doing these exercises in the gym. The reason why? They are hard! If you really push yourself, chances are you may find yourself emptying your lunch into the nearest bin.

They are brutal but also the most effective. By far.

If you want great legs then do them. If you are happy with your scrawny legs then go do some bicep curls or something.

The other 5 leg strength exercises are not in the same class as the squat and dead lift but they still are very effective and should be incorporated in anyone’s routine.

1. Lunges
2. Leg Extensions
3. Leg Press
4. Hamstring Curl
5. Calf Raises

Just like with your upper body exercises, focus on correct form and the “mind muscle connection”. Focus on what part of the leg you are working and really try to push yourself.

Now you know my best leg strength exercises for building great, muscle legs. This is just some basic information. If you want to truly build a great body then you need a proper routine and diet plan.