Hamstring Stretch Exercise

One of the easiest, powerful and effective stretching exercises that you can do at home is the hamstring stretch exercise. This training increases your leg flexibility and will help in the running exercises because it will make you run the same distance in shorter time. The total amount time required for this training is ten minutes where you should do ten reps for each leg and each rep should takes 30 seconds. Before you start this workout you should warm up for at least two minutes to get the best results from this training.

Read the following six steps of the hamstring stretch exercise carefully before you start the training:

  • First you should lie on your back and make sure both of your legs are in flat position then bend your right knee a little bit.
  • Next raise your right leg slowly up and bring it back until it makes 90 degrees to the room floor, and make sure your other leg is in flat position on the room ground.
  • You should start to feel a lightly stretch in your hamstring when you start raising your leg in the air. Make sure that you are feeling the stretching and if you do not feel it then you are doing the training incorrectly.
  • After you bring your right leg in perpendicular position on the floor you should feel moderate stretch. At this point you should hold your right leg with your right and left hands for 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds you should switch sides where your left leg should be in the air and your right leg in flat position on the ground.
  • Repeat the previous reps ten times for each side.