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Pregnancy Health – Maintaining Yourself

Pregnancy brings in joy with the ever-increasing waistline, pains and aches. The body undergoes a tremendous change due to shifting of hormones. The skin changes, there are stretch marks and dark patches on the facial skin. Weight gain results in sleeping troubles, poor digestion, frequent urination, constipation etc. These are just a few symptoms of pregnancy. Since these changes take place gradually, one starts adjusting to them in anticipation of the joy it will bring after nine months. It is very important to maintain the pregnancy health and go through the process with a relaxed and happy state of mind.

Maintaining Pregnancy Health

With the onset of early signs of pregnancy, prepare yourself for the new changes in your life. Stay happy and comfortable. Consult your doctor for any problems and adjust your lifestyle to surmount the initial irritating body changes with more rest and relaxation. Follow a few tips for better pregnancy health.

Tender breasts: Wear a soft, comfortable maternity or nursing bra with extra support. Apply heavy moisturizing cream to cracked nipples after washing with water only.

Dizziness: Expanding uterus puts pressure on blood vessels, plus the nausea and vomiting can make one feel dizzy or light headed. To overcome this problem, maintain pregnancy health with frequent but small meals. Avoid standing or sitting in one position for long, lay down on your left side to relax, stand up slowly and do not let your body get over heated.

Hemorrhoids: They too are caused due to increasing pressure on the rectal veins and constipation. To prevent hemorrhoids drink lots of fluids, take fiber rich food and do not strain the bowel while evacuating.

Leg cramps: As the body weight increases and change in metabolization takes place, the pressure on legs and feet increases. Eat low-fat calcium rich food, go for short walks, stretch and flex leg and foot muscles, use heating pads to ease the leg cramps.

Swelling: A significant weight gain during pregnancy can result in swelling and puffiness. It could be a sign of high blood pressure or toxemia, consult the doctor immediately. To avoid swelling and to maintain a good pregnancy health, avoid salty foods and caffeine. Rest with your feet elevated and drink at least eight glasses of water to keep your body hydrated.

Teeth and gum problems: Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth regularly; avoid eating sweets and take high calcium diet. Oral bacteria due to gum disease can harm the fetus and result in either low-birth weight baby or premature delivery.

Similarly take all natural preventive measures to combat the various other changes in the body due to the pregnancy. Feel free to call your doctor in an event of vaginal discharge, bleeding, fever or chills, pain in abdomen or any abnormal discomfort. Good pregnancy health results in a happier you and healthier baby.