Quinoa Cereal: The Ultimate Breakfast

There’s a new fad in losing fat and looking fab. It’s not a new exercise routine, and it’s definitely not a diet that will make you hungry and will devoid you of the proper food intake and nutrients. Guess what, it’s Quinoa. Yes, the superfood.

This quasi grain, which is abundant in South America, and was originally a complete food for the Incas, is packed with insoluble fiber aiding in proper and faster digestion. It is also a source of non-meat protein which will help you build your muscles and repair your body’s damaged tissues. Aside from that, it is high in calcium, which we know makes our bones healthier and stronger, and our sleeping habit better. It doesn’t end there; this superfood also contains Vitamin E for that young vibrant skin.

Quinoa grains are not just a good substitute for rice, because it contains carbohydrates (its carbs are body and health friendly because it slows down your hunger spasms), it is also now being added to soups and salads, made into breads and pastas, and taken as your favorite breakfast meal – cereal.

That’s right, Quinoa cereal. It’s exquisite, nutty, earthy taste is not just for soups or salads. It’s also as good as milk’s partner in your morning meal. There are actually cereals – available in the form of flakes or rings, and can be eaten right out from package, in some supermarkets near you or if you’re not in the US, you can order it easily online.

It can be eaten hot or cold. Add cold milk and fruits to quinoa cereal flakes and you have your traditional cereal breakfast. Cook or heat ground cereals and you now have that hot instant oatmeal-like bowl of goodness.

If you want just to buy the regular Quinoa grain and convert it to Quinoa cereal, all you have to do is prepare a cup of Quinoa, just the way you would, when cooking rice. After that, add some milk, butter, honey, and raisins, cook the Quinoa grains with the mixed ingredients, frequently stirring it in the process, put some nuts or whatever garnishes you like and serve it as a cereal. You may also cook Quinoa grains in milk and produce the same cereal dish.

Remember to share the goodness of this hearty Quinoa meal, prepare Quinoa cereal for your baby too! At 8 months, your young darling will be able to eat it, but be sure you consult your family physician or baby’s pediatrician first. Prepare it the same as you would prepare cereal for yourself. For the baby, you may choose to buy Quinoa as flour, in flakes or as whole grains then grind it after. Babies are able to eat it best as toasted because roasted Quinoa cereals are easier to digest.

Quinoa for anyone, anytime, any day; and because it is Valentines, just a tip, serve this perfect healthy breakfast to your sweetheart with love.