Salmon For Dinner

In my house my entire family loves fish. It doesn’t matter what the fish is. They’ll gobble it up in a heartbeat and act like they’ve not eaten in days. They do prefer to eat salmon, though. I do not know what it is about salmon they love so much, but they even ask for it several times a week. Almost every night my daughter will bombard me as soon as I walk through the door and ask ‘Mom, are we going to have salmon for dinner?’

I must admit that I also love salmon. I especially love it smoked. I just think it makes a wonderful topping on just about anything. I really enjoy having an air-tight container full of sliced salmon in my fridge to use for whatever I want. In the mornings I like to have a thin slice of salmon on top of my bagels with cream cheese. If you’re never had your bagels like this before I advise you to try it. It really spices up the old routine. The sliced salmon is also good for an array of other things such as sandwiches or as a topping for toast. I also sometimes fry it up red onion and lemon for dinner. It makes a very nice and light side to any meal. Not to mention it’s also a very healthy way to eat salmon for dinner.

Of course my family and I don’t just like smoked salmon. We love it any way it is prepared. I enjoy going to fish markets and getting whole fresh salmon to prepare for our meals. I like to cut it into small strips and grill it with various seasonings. There are so many recipes and spice combinations out there that it would be impossible to not be able to try something new every single night of the week.

Every preparation tastes different so having salmon for dinner really is a very delicious and unique option. It never takes long to prepare so I am even able to serve it on my busy schedule! If you’ve never really eaten salmon for dinner I highly suggest you try it. It’s an excellent replacement for the unhealthy red meats. You’ll get an array of health benefits, not to mention you’ll greatly prolong your life. Fish is delicious, healthy and packed with nutrients and salmon is of no exception! I do not know what I would do without it.