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Strength Training For Beginners – How To Start A Weight Training Program

I always liked the results from when I first started to workout with weights. It didn’t take long to see the results either. Strength training for beginners should be a fun time to exercise. Whether you’re at home or at the gym have fun with your routine. You are going to see rapid changes as long you stick with it.

So what makes a good fitness plan for beginners. For one you need to have some type of equipment. If you plan to exercise at home a bench and free weights is all you need. That’s how I believe most people start. They either buy their own piece of equipment, or someone purchases it for them as a gift. A barbell or a set of dumbbells is also something that is needed.

I also like to do some type of cardio to get the heart pumping, but you really only need either a jump rope or you can do sets of jumping jacks. Cardio also helps to burn fat and loosens the muscles. Also a treadmill or exercise bike will do the trick.

If you have the money and start off at the gym, as a beginner exerciser you should take the time to learn the machines and start off very light weight the first few times at the gym. Strict form should be used at all times. It’s not about who can lift the most, but how long you will be consistent at working out.

Weight training for beginners should be a fun time to learn new routines and lifting techniques. You must use this time to get the body and muscles use to strenuous activities. That’s why rest is so important and is needed after your workout. Also the quality of food that you consume before and after your workout is important also. Workout hard, rest properly and eat the right foods will help you get strong, build muscle and get toned up.

The exercises you should be doing are basic beginner exercises. They consist of compound exercises that will strengthen your overall body. These exercises when done properly are the foundation of your workout and should always be part of your exercise routine. Even after you have been weight lifting for a while, you will see that these five exercises outlined here will still be the ones you should be doing.

These exercises are the foundation to a successful beginner fitness routine.

Stomach: Crunches;

Chest: Bench Press;

Back: Rows;

Arms: Bicep Curl;

Legs: Lunges;

This will help you get started with your routine of getting stronger and adding lean muscle. Take your time and learn proper form on all exercises.

I’m writing this article to help you realize how important exercise is to your overall health and physical appearance. Exercise helps with arthritis, diabetes, depression, motivation, weight loss, lowering cholesterol, flexibility and muscle definition.