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Preparing Fish Curry – Dinner Recipe

It is best to learn how to cook fish curry the right way if you are to enjoy the meal. To cook fish, you’ll need fish such as catfish – 1 lb should go for two to 3 servings. You will want salt and spices to taste, water, a pan that has a lid, and other ingredients relying on your specific recipe. Notice that there are many different recipes that you can utilize to cook fish – the choice of the recipes needs to be based on your desire and availability. Nevertheless, the steps in cooking fish curry are common and so are the primary ingredients.

The first step to cook fish is getting ready the fish. Begin by cleansing the fish if it had not been properly cleaned where you purchased it and then cut it into pieces of fillet about three inches long. Combine your components – a few of the most commonly used components for fish at the initial stage of cooking are onions, chilli, ginger root, cumin seeds, and mustard seeds. The mixed components are called panch-phoran. Other components are added later on. Next, start the actual process of cooking.

Take the items of fish and rub them in salt – use about two teaspoons, but the quantity of salt used is dependent on personal preference. Next, sprinkle some turmeric powder on the fish and add garlic paste and different spices. Mix these spices and salt till the pieces of fish are evenly coated. Set the pieces of fish aside for about 1/2 an hour to marinade. After the fish has marinated, warmth the cooking oil – this is best achieved in a wok. An important tip on to cook fish curry is that you should not overcook the fish. It is best to deep-fry the fish for 3 to four minutes on each side. Use tongs to set the pieces of fish in clear plates.

Next, take a new wok and heat some cooking oil. Add the mixed components and allow them to warm up till the onions start to get a brown color. If in case you have prepared ground paste, add it at this point. That is also the point at which you add tomatoes, additional salt to taste, and additional spices to get the specified taste. Stir the entire mixture repeatedly till it gets a brown color. This needs to be done for roughly ten minutes, or when the added paste is not sticking to the wok. An important tip to cook the curry is that you may turn the paste into a sauce by simply adding water to the paste – it is a matter of personal preference. In the event you add water, stir till the mixture starts to boil.

The last step in cooking fish is to add the pieces of fish that you had set aside to the mixture. Let the mixture boil for roughly fifteen minutes. The fish will not be ready to serve. You can garnish the fish using coriander leaf and you can squeeze some lemon or lime on top. Fish curry is best served with steamed rice.