Cross Training for Effective Weight Loss

Are you always concern about weight loss? Well, the numbers on your scale do not indicate whether you are fit or fat. In fact, fitness and weight goes hand in hand. Far more significant than your total body weight is the composition of your body tissue. If a man fatty tissue is bigger than 14 percent to 15 percent of his body mass, or if a woman is more than 20 percent to 22 percent, he or she is overweight, or more precisely, over fat. So you got to not only lose weight, but to keep fit too to maintain a healthy body.

The problem with most people who want to lose weight is that they always try to get those numbers lower than what they are seeing now. What happens next is that they strive harder to achieve a lower weight, according to the so called ever reliable result of the weighing scale, which is a wrong interpretation of the weight of the body. What you need to do is to maintain fitness and weight control together. How can we do that effectively? We can do that through cross training.

After some intensive studies, health researchers were able to prove that the concept of incorporating cross training is effective to overcome or break the monotony or dullness in a fitness and weight loss program.

Three of the most commonly used exercises a person often engage into cross training are swimming, running, and cycling. In cross training, distance is one way to extend your activity as your condition improves. Hence, you need to cross a measured distance. If possible, swim the course and measure the distance. If you will be using a running track, such courses usually are a quarter-mile per lap for a complete circuit.

Indeed, cross training is a great way to modify the concept of fitness and weight loss together without having to endure monotonous activities and adding fun into it. In fact, the idea of exercising is to like what you are doing, hence, if you engage into cross training, you will be aware of it that you have already achieve your desired weight and fitness.

Boiled down, cross training is, certainly, one way of having fun while maintaining fitness and weight loss together.