Popcorn – The Low Calorie All Around Snack

Smell that fresh hot popcorn aroma filling the air. Just like walking into a movie theatre. Are you looking for a low calorie snack for in between meals. A snack that takes less than five minutes to make. It’s simply popcorn. Popcorn has been around forever but many people overlook it for a healthy snack. This is why popcorn is such a great snack for people looking to lose weight and fitness conscious people.

1. If you use a hot air popper like the Presto 04820 Poplite Hot Air Popcorn Popper, you do not have to use oil. The machine uses hot air to pop the kernels. This means low calories for you. If you don’t add salt then this snack is very low in calories and sodium.

2. You can use a butter substitute instead of real butter. Or maybe try a dry butter substitute. You can melt your butter substitute and apply it just like butter. You might also like the popcorn flavorings. You can find popcorn flavorings at your local market. A lot of the flavorings have little or no calories and really give your popcorn a burst of flavor. The Presto 04820 Poplite Hot Air Corn Popper has a measuring cup that doubles as a butter melter. So if you choose to melt butter or butter substitute, it is warm and perfectly melted by the time the popcorn is done popping.

3. Kids love popcorn and it is easy and fun to make. Throwing a bag of popcorn in the microwave is easy. But making your own fresh, hot, hot air popped popcorn is a blast. The whole family can have fun and in less than five minutes you have fresh movie theatre style popcorn. You can bag the popcorn in individual bags to take with you. It works great to take to work or school for a mid-day snack instead of grabbing a candy bar or sugary snack. The Presto 04820 makes up to about 18 cups of fresh popcorn.

So fill your home or office with the smell of fresh hot popcorn.Give new life to movie night. Your kids will love it. There are many different ways to make it. It you are watching your calories or trying to lose weight then try making fresh popcorn instead of giving in to junk food.