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How Effective is the Zone Diet?

Zone diet is probably one of the most popular fast weight loss diets. It works on the principle that you lose weight when your diet has fewer carbohydrates. So in this diet, the carbohydrates should constitute only 40 percent of your diet. The rest should be proteins and fats. The diet might sound strict, but for sure it is not as strict as few carb free diets, like the Atkins diet.

The zone diet gained popularity due to various reasons. Of course it gave good results and that too very quickly. But in addition to that, it was made popular by few celebrities who tried this diet like Jenifer Aniston, Tiger Woods and Cindy Crawford. This diet doesn’t only promote weight loss, but in addition to that it also encourages you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

However the market today if full with such weight loss diets. So in what ways is the zone diet different from the other diets? We all want to lose the extra flab that we have. We all really feel bad when we are unable to fit into our favorite pair of jeans anymore because of the weight gain. Zone diet has its own advantages; however it’s not really a perfect weight loss diet.

In spite of all its advantages, the it is still not approved by the American heart foundation. There aren’t enough evidences to back up the claims that are made by the diet. The diet is high on proteins and this is not accepted generally by the nutritionists. The diet also lacks in few essential nutrients. Also little is known about its long term effects.

The Soy diet which was launched the by the same group of people who made the zone diet, has become very popular. It has become popular particularly amongst vegetarians who can now have soy protein in their diet to fulfill the protein requirements.

It is common to gain weight after you stop following these fast weight loss diets. People are not able to follow these diets for too long as they are too strict at times. For example when you are on the zone diet, you are eating very less carbohydrates so obviously your body is used to it. So now if you start eating carbs again, you will gain weight very quickly.

Zone diet can work well for you if you follow it regularly. Do not forget to consult your doctor before you start on with this diet. This is to make sure that the diet suits your body type. Also remember to take those extra nutrients which are missing from the zone diet. The diet can definitely help you if you wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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