Benefits of aerobic or cardio exercise in burning calories?

The main purpose behind burning calories is to stay in good shape and secondly to be away from the health related problems which we would have never thought of.

By taking proper measures to maintain a healthy weight we can very well keep ourselves in good looking shape and also prevent ourselves from health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems and also high BP. And for that purpose aerobic or cardio exercises are the best in order maintain good health which is accompanied with long term benefits and precaution against major health risks.

Basically the cardio or aerobic exercises helps us in losing weight and burning the calories by making our body muscles to do extra work. It also facilitates in enlarging of our muscle tissues which there by helps in increasing our metabolic rate. It is said that it works because the muscles are more metabolically active compared to the body fat. These kind of physical activities are said to burn more calories and at a faster rate.

Aerobic exercises are basically defined as workout which involves oxygen to be distributed to the muscles over a period of time with the help of lungs and blood circulation. The term aerobic signifies ‘with oxygen’. The physical activities such as jogging, swimming, skipping, walking, rowing, playing tennis and football all comes under the category of aerobic exercise.

When it comes to aerobic exercises one should try to do it at least three to four days in a week without fail. Basically doing the exercise in the morning in empty stomach is considered to be more effective which helps in burning the fat in a much faster rate. Initially it is recommended to start a bit slowly with low intensity exercise and then proceed with high intensity aerobic exercises depending on the individual capacity.

In general each aerobic exercise should consist of at least 30-45 minutes of work out with sufficient amount of break in between the exercise. And one more thing should be kept in mind which is very important is that the total number of calories burned must be higher compared to the total number of calorie intake.

You should plan your aerobic exercise based on your weight and of course physical condition. In case you are not comfortable with outdoor exercises you can plan indoor exercise for yourself using the fitness equipment like treadmills etc. which is widely available these days. Try out cardio or aerobic exercises to lose weight and get an attractive shape.